What: Weekly choreographic exploration ideas for dancers and/or artists.

How to Join: Share your explorations by tagging: #dOWNTaskTuesday

Goals: Make time to explore every week. Connect the world through art.

Task Tuesday 2021

Task Tuesday #69: January 5, 2021:
Under a street light at night

Task Tuesday #70: January 12, 2021:

Task Tuesday#71: January 19, 2021:
Dark outside, light from inside shining through window. These are the windows along the pool in the dark alley.

Task Tuesday #72: January 26, 2021:
Elevator (lights out/flashlight) Lights do not go out in this elevator but there was a cool ceiling light.

Task Tuesday 2020

Task Tuesday #17: January 7, 2020: Make lines into shapes with fingers and arms - tutting
Task Tuesday #18: January 14, 2020:
Dance with your face
Task Tuesday #19: January 21, 2020:
Deflate. Inspired by deflating Christian's inflatable tube for sledding. This is also how I feel after Breakout or Outbreak… end of the semester.
Task Tuesday #20: January 28, 2020:
Move for 8. Freeze for 8. 4-4. 2-2-. 1-1. 1-1. 1-1. 1-1. This one is fun. I started with 8/8 then tried all the different combos - finally putting it all together. I am going to use this as a warm-up in Break class today and then a challenge in their 1-8 challenge. Also, I used a slower song - would be fun to try with different speeds.
Task Tuesday #21: February 4, 2020:
Pour. I was playing around with the word pour and then it turned into reversing what I poured and going a pouring a new way. I chose this one today, because I was exploring rolling down and rolling back up with my teams and found them not able to do this easily. There was a lot of awkwardness, giggles, and heads looking around and not relaxing from this simple task. How did I let them miss this foundational move?
Task Tuesday # 22: February 11, 2020:
Dance up for 16, down for 16 - this is TIRING!
Task Tuesday #23: February 18, 2020: Shake - FUN!  
Task Tuesday #24: February 25, 2020:
Move your upper back between your scapulae.
Task Tuesday #25: March 3, 2020:
Move with only one foot and one hand touching the ground.
Task Tuesday #26: March 10, 2020:
Task Tuesday #27: March 17, 2020:
Klockonian: Create a work that explores a moment you had in nature that was magical, transformative, or important in some way.
Task Tuesday #28: March 24, 2020:
wiggly/wavy lines
Task Tuesday #29: March 31, 2020:
Rescaling community movement task. Looking at the movement of people in your homes as we shelter in place to flatten the curve for Covid-19.

Task Tuesday #30: April 7, 2020:
Using the pathway/shape from last week's home drawing (or draw a random pathway/shape).
Task Tuesday #31: April 14, 2020:
Make moves to the thankful sounds created by the people clapping at 7pm.
Task Tuesday #32: April 21, 2020:
Smooth/sharp. Start with smooth movements then work on sharp movements. Find a song that has smooth and sharp in it - or identify which sounds will be which - and get playing -
Task Tuesday #33: April 28, 2020:
Play you go, I go with a dance friend on Teams or Zoom.
Task Tuesday #34: May 5, 2020:
Lego Train Game. Pathways. Speed. Controlled by someone/something else. Controlling something else. Don't have a Lego Train? Choose another toy, another person, a TV channel, a song, people walking on the sidewalk or jogging on the seawall - what can you see in your home that moves, changes speeds, changes directions? Any or all of these changes.
Task Tuesday #35: May 12, 2020:
Rewind scarf/sheet
Task Tuesday #36: May 19, 2020:
Balloon dance. Games to try: Don't let the balloon touch the ground. Don't let two touch the ground. Play with a partner. Don't use your hand. Use your head. How many head bounces can you get? What other body parts can you use? Make a pattern: hand, hand, foot, or foot, foot, hand or? Balance your balloon on you. Don't hold it. Can you take it for a walk. Try not to let your son use your balloon as a target. How does wind affect the games? Can you skate and keep a balloon in the air?
Task Tuesday #37: May 26, 2020: 
One body part is an initiator and it makes another random body part move. The initiator is always the same. The second move can be any body part.
Task Tuesday #38: June 2, 2020:
Make a 3 count and hold pattern. Repeat it. Try: another body part, two body parts at the same time, alternating, alternating counts, adding different rhythms by freezing on different counts, speeding it up, or slowing it down, bigger, smaller, different planes
Task Tuesday #39: June 9, 2020:
Find a sound pattern in a song. Decide on a movement that will represent that sound. Try: Changing directions, body parts, change intensities, change levels and then play with different combinations.
Task Tuesday #40: June 16, 2020:
Up and Down: Start with your hand. Move it up and down. Go to the extremes. Play with patterns in the music. Try three other body parts.
Task Tuesday #41: June 23, 2020:
Notice the movement in different things around you. Find one thing. Watch the movement. Fill your body with this movement. Now move that movement to one body part. Try a different body part. Try another moving thing.

Task Tuesday #42: June 30, 2020:
Get a piece of paper. 
Drop it and watch it fall 
Move like falling paper
Try your whole body and isolate it in different body parts
Now take the paper and crumple it into a ball
Now try to crumple your whole body and different parts of your body.
Task Tuesday #43: July 7, 2020:
Move to sound effects
Task Tuesday #44: July 14, 2020:
Echoes of You by Oneke Moving thing near me: oscillating fan
Imitated in my: Left knee
As high/low/speed patterns
Task Tuesday #45: July 21, 2020:
Start with a poem

Task Tuesday #46: July 28, 2020:
Dance your home: quarantine dance
Task Tuesday #47: August 4, 2020:
Watch the sky. Record the movement of birds, bees, clouds. Draw their pathways. Dance the drawings.  
Task Tuesday #48: August 11, 2020:
Stairway dance. Explore a staircase.
Task Tuesday #49: August 18, 2020:
Go the library, open a random book, read it, let it inspire your moves and maybe your reading list.
Task Tuesday #50: August 25, 2020:
1 step:move 1/ 2 steps: move 2,move 2, 3 steps: move 3, move 3, move 3/ 4 steps: move 4, move 4, move 4, move 4 REVERSE.
Task Tuesday #51: September 1, 2020:
Roll around  Song: Dumebi by Rema
Task Tuesday #52: September 8, 2020:
Move like FIRE
Task Tuesday #53: September 15, 2020:
Pick three body parts and alternate leading with each of them.  Try playing with different time intervals. (8/4/2/1) I chose head, right knee, and left big toe.
Task Tuesday #54: September 22, 2020:
Moving forward. Explore the idea of moving forward with different moves, body parts, levels, rhythms, speeds. (Song: So Done by Alicia Keys and Khalid)
Task Tuesday #55: September 29, 2020:
Take a simple 4 count move. Play with reversing it. I was inspired by Mary Song's favourite video: Feel the Rhythm of Korea Seoul. I was dancing with you Mary!
Task Tuesday #56: October 6, 2020:
Move forward and back with the ocean. Christian and I were swimming and playing at the beach on Sunday and we played this at the edge of the water. He said it would make a good Task Tuesday. Song: Bon Iver AUATC
Task Tuesday #57: October 13, 2020:
Pattern: toe, triangle, knee, triangle, head, square, shoulder, S Song: Bon Iver: PDLIF
Task Tuesday #58: October 20, 2020: Ether: lighter than air
The Ether Element

Tuesday #59: October 27, 2020:
Make something you do for work into a dance. I had to do virtual parent teacher meeting last Friday. I wasn't looking forward to staying after school and communicating online, 5 minutes/per parent for four hours. I decided to turn it into a virtual performance opportunity. I'd love to see your work dances.
Task Tuesday #60: November 3, 2020:
Dancer from History: Martha Graham. Let a dancer from the past inspire you today. Things I did: Took a class, read some quotations, watched some YouTubes, looked at images… went outside to move with nature.

Tuesday #61: November 10, 2020:
Do you know those songs that transport you back in time to a certain moment? Or maybe there are a series of memories attached to the song? I have such a song. Some of my students have heard this story, more than once. The song is Careless Whisper by George Michael. The first memory is from a grade five ski trip and a broken thumb that I didn't tell anyone about. I had a nice seat at the front of the bus. I had my hand in a toque filled with snow. Someone at the back of the bus, sitting on the tire, a bumpy spot to sit, was feeling nauseas, and my teacher made me switch seats with them. She didn't know. I was too nice and would never have complained. I didn't even tell my mom it was sore. It was two weeks later when I dropped a plate unloading the dishwasher that I complained about my thumb not working. I had to have surgery to have it rebroken. The second memory is a saxophone playing student in the Frank Hurt band room who was learning and practising this song. The third memory are kids in the dance class using the wall and bench to dance to this song. What is a song that brings back memories for you? Freestyle to it.
Task Tuesday #62: November 17, 2020:
Isolating for different counts_Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. Song: Alone in the Sun by Beat Spacek.
Task Tuesday #63: November 24, 2020:
Shake. My grandparents had one of these vibrating machines at their trailer park. There is one here at school in the gym. Show me your shaking. Song: Shake Ya Boom Boom by Static and Ben El, Black Eyed Peas
Task Tuesday #64: December 1, 2020:
Drawversation. Have a drawversation with someone - doodle while you talk. Turn the drawing into movement explorations. I did this in my tutor group this morning. I paired them up and they had to have drawversations. I took the papers and explored movements for them. Song: WaveToys: Upbeat Background Music for Vidoes: The Drums.
Task Tuesday #65: December 8, 2020:
Repeat the same move for a whole song. Song: Now or Never by Kendrick Lamar and Mary J Blige
Task Tuesday #66: December 15, 2020:
Sit somewhere and hand dance. Friends may join in. Sitting gestures with Biggy interlude Song: Markushmane's Green Hill Zone Lofi Hip Hop Rap Beat (Sonic Movie Beat)

Task Tuesday #67: December 22, 2020:
Circle of bricks. I tip toed on every brick. Dark red bricks head goes right, grey brick head goes left. Song:
Task Tuesday #68: December 29, 2020: Start small and grow. Song: Artist's Studio by Michael Wall

Task Tuesday 2019

Task Tuesday #1: September 17, 2019:
Draw your name with your foot and let that movement lead your body.  
Task Tuesday #2: September 24, 2019:
One foot is glued to the floor.  
Task Tuesday #3: October 1, 2019:
Draw squares with your elbow(s) and let that movement lead your body. 
TaskTuesday #4: October 8, 2019:
Find a pattern on a floor and play with the pattern. (Floor tiles, mat, carpet pattern) 
TaskTuesday #5: October 15, 2019:
Rebound. That's it. Rebound off the floor, the wall, a ball, a bench, a human…. (be careful not to bonk yourself though. Soft things or use your hands!)  

Task Tuesday #6: I missed this one somehow.

Task Tuesday #7: October 22, 2019:
NO CIRCLES. I noticed last week that I like to spin and turn. I want to see if I can dance without making any circles.  
Task Tuesday #8: October 29, 2019:
Stack. Stack your body parts on top of each other. How many ways can you stack yourself?  
Task Tuesday #9: November 5, 2019:
Tell the story: While out paddling your canoe, you get stuck in a whirlpool.  
Task Tuesday #10: November 12,2019:
Slow, slow/fast, fast, fast/fast fast fast or… 12, 34, 5&6, 7&8 
Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019: One body part moves. When it makes contact with another body part, that body part moves…  
Task Tuesday #11: November 26, 2019:
Spin inspired by Glenn's IG
Task Tuesday #12: December 3,2019:
Don't think. Do four random movements. Repeat them super slow, medium, super fast. Repeat with four new moves. 
Task Tuesday #13: December 10, 2019:
Fold. Featuring @whydontchewdance @rajanandteg
Task Tuesday #15: December 17, 2019:
Move like a robot  
Task Tuesday #16: December 31, 2019: Lego shape sentence. Great to play with the kiddos during the break. If you don't have Lego you can use random objects.